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Curriculum di Torsi Luisa


full professor of Chemistry


Università degli Studi di Bari “A. Moro” (I)

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tel /fax +39-080-5442092

Luisa Torsi is full professor of Chemistry since 2005 and is the immediate past-president of the European Material Research Society, the largest in its field in Europe. She is the first women to hold this role. Torsi received her laurea degree in Physics from the University of Bari in 1989 and the PhD in Chemical Sciences from the same institution in 1993. She was post-doctoral fellow at Bell Labs from 1994 to 1996. In 2005 and 2006 she was invited professor at the University of Anger and Paris 7, respectively. Presently she is adjunct professor at the Abo Academy University in Finland.

In 2010 she has been awarded with the Heinrich Emanuel Merck prize for analytical sciences, this marking the first time the prestigious award is given to a woman and to an Italian scientist. She is also the recipient of the main overall platinum 2015 prize of the Global-Women Inventors and Innovators Network. She has been also elected 2017 Fellow of the Material Research Society, one of the largest international society in this field, for pioneering work in the field of organic (bio) electronic sensors and their use for point-of-care testing. It is the first scientist to work for an Italian institution to be awarded with this recognition.

Prof. Torsi had been serving extensively as expert reviewer for the European Commission being for three years the Chair of the Chemistry Panel for the evaluation of the Marie Curie Research Fellowships. She was also member the Physical and Engineering Science 05 panel of the European Research Council for the evaluation of the consolidator grants. In 2014 she has been appointed as member of the H2020 Program Committee by the Italian Minister for Education and Research and is still serving in this role.

Torsi has authored almost 200 ISI papers, including papers published in Science, Nature Materials, Nature Communications, PNAS, Advanced Materials, Scientific Reports and is co-inventor of several international awarded patents. Her works gathered almost 11.000 Google scholar citations resulting in an h-index of 50. She has given more than 170 invited lectures, including almost 25 plenary and key notes contributions to international conferences.

Awarded research funding comprises several European contracts as well as national and regional projects. She is coordinating the “Single molecule bio-electronic smart system array for clinical testing – SiMBiT” a H2020-ICT-2018-2020 research and innovation action financed with over 3 M€. Also the PRIN 17 national project “ACTUAL: At the forefront of Analytical ChemisTry: disrUptive detection technoLogies to improve food safety” coordinated by Torsi has been financed (2017RHX2E4). She has also coordinated a “European Industrial Doctorate” Marie Curie project in collaboration with Merck and was principal investigator in a Marie Curie ITN. She has also coordinated a Marie Curie ITN European network, several national PRIN projects and was principal investigator in an ICT STREP proposal. The total budget awarded to Torsi and to the consortia she has coordinated is over 9 M€. She has also been the scientific coordinator of a Structural Reinforcement PON Project awarded to UNIBA for 2012-2014 with 13 M€.

Prof. Torsi is committed to the role of model for younger women scientists. She has been giving a number of talks on this topic such as a TEDx talk and she was also member of the National Board of the STAGES European project that aims at implementing strategies to trigger structural changes addressing the issues connected with gender inequality in science.

Pubblicazioni di Torsi Luisa

List of ISI Publications (April 2018)


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   IOP - Flexible and Printed Electronics under review 2018.


  1. Picca, R.A., Manoli, K., Luciano, A., Sportelli, M.C., Palazzo, G., Torsi, L*, Cioffi, N.*Enhanced stability of Organic Field-Effect Transistor biosensors bearing electrosynthesized ZnO Nanoparticles.

Sensors and Actuators B submitted 2018.


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Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2018, 104, 113-119.


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Attività di Ricerca di Torsi Luisa

Teaching &Transfer of Knowledge: She teaches a basic course of Spectroscopic Analysis to the students of the BS in Materials Science and a course on Surface Analysis to the Chemistry and Material Science MS students. She regularly gives lessons on electronic properties of organic semiconductor and electronic devices to the PhD students in Chemical Science. So far she has been supervising 31 master, 9 PhD and 6 post doc students with different backgrounds (Chemists, Physicist, Material Scientists, Biotechnologists, Pharmaceutical Chemists). The overall gender balance is of 58% female students, clearly above average probably because of a positive emulation effects.


Education: Born in 1964 she received the Laurea Degree (BS+MS) in Physics from the University of Bari in 1989 and finished her PhD in Chemical Sciences at the University of Bari in 1992 (title awarded in 1993 and certified on October 20th, 1995).


Professional Experience: ^1993-1998: Assistant professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Bari; ^1994-1996: Post-doc position at Bell Labs Lucent Technologies NJ (USA); ^1999-2005: Associate professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Bari; ^2000 Jul-Aug: Bell Labs Consultant; ^2001-2006: Director of the Bari Unit of the INSTM, a national consortium fosteringresearch activities in material science and technology; ^2002-present: Group leader of the T.I.R.E.S. - Centre of Excellence of the University of Barifor "Innovative Technologies for Signal Detection and Processing"; ^2004-2006 and 2009-present: National Coordinator of the PRIN 06 and PRIN 09 projects financed by the Italian Ministry for Research; ^2005-present: Position of Full Professor at the University of Bari; ^2005 June: Invited professor at the University of Angers; ^2006 Jun-Jul Invited professor at the University Denis Diderot, Paris VII; ^2007-2010:         National Coordinator of the Working Group “Sensors” of the AnalyticalChemistry Division - Italian Chemical Society; ^2009-present: Coordinator of the ITN Marie Curie European network named FlexSMELL; ^2009-present: Member of the Scientific Council of the VINN Excellence Center FunMat atLinköping University; ^2009-present: European editor of “Science of Advanced Materials"American Scientific Publishers. ^2010-present: President of the degree courses (BS+MS) in Material Science and Technology University of Bari; ^2010-present: Member of the Italian Chemical Society Analytical Division Council; ^2010-present: Member of the Board of Delegates of the European Material Research Society. ^2011-present: Coordinator of the Scientific Commission of the Italian Chemical Society; ^2011-present: Scientific coordinator of the Structural Reinforcement PON Project of UNIBA financed by the Italian Ministry for Research.


Professional Activities: ^ Experts evaluator panel vice-chair in the Italian National Evaluation Agency (ANVUR); ^ Panel chair, vice-chair, independent expert, rapporteur and project technical assistant in the 6 and 7 FP European project evaluations: Marie Curie Actions, Information andCommunication technology, including Future Emerging Technology; ^ Expert reviewer for the USA National Science Foundation; ^ Expert reviewer for the FWF a central body for the promotion of basic research in Austria; ^ Regularly serves as a referee for a number of international journals, including Science and Nature.


Memberships: Società Chimica Italiana, European Material Research Society, Material Research Society.


Outreach: She has given numerous TV, radio and several press interviews about electronic sensing and the potential societal impact of disposable strip-test capable of delivering an electronic output. She explained how this could change the perspective for large population screenings against infections such malaria, HIV as well as point-of-care analysis. She gave dissemination talks to local cultural associations such as Rotary and Soroptimist. She has been also awarded with the “Rosamarina prize 2010” as a recognition of the impact of her work on the local community. 


Awards: ^E.H. Merck award 2010 winner for the study on the electronic detection of chiral substances published in Nature Materials; this marks the first time that that renowned award has been given to a woman and to a scientist in Italy. ^Best communication award at the 2008 Italian Physical Society Meeting (second prize, section II). ^Nomination to the “Le Tecnovisionarie 2009”. ^Rosamarina 2010 prize to recognize excellences in Puglia.  

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